PhD Julián Marino: Director of NeuroChubut 2017. Director of CCLINEC (Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Center). Professor of Introduction to Psychology at the National University of Cordoba from 2002 to 2018. Professor of 15 postgrad courses since 2002. 56 papers published in peer-reviewed journals. 10 books published. Interests: Education and Health systems, cross-culturalism, tractographical neuropsychology, diffusion kurtosis imaging, emotional regulation, executive semantic control.



Academic coordinator

PhD student Juan Cruz Arias: PhD student in Bioimaging at the National University of Córdoba. Topic: ‘Assessment of scanner and processing effects on connectivity measures derived from diffusion tensor imaging’. Interests: semantic-executive control network, acquisition and processing of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance images.




International speakers invited

PhD Alexander Leemans: PhD in Physics, University of Antwerp (Belgium). He is one of the most recognized scientists in the field of physics applied to diffusion-weighted images. He is Honoris Causa PhD from the University of Chubut. He developed ExploreDTI, a software for processing, analyzing and visualization of diffusion-weighted images. His academic background is vast, he obtained the USERN price from the United Nations in 2016. Among his >200 papers, ‘The B-matrix must be rotated when correcting for subject motion in DTI data’ can be distinguished.

PhD Valeria Abusamra: She is PhD in Letters for the University of Buenos Aires and Honoris Cause PhD for the University of Chubut. She is a postgrad teacher in the University of Buenos Aires, in FLACSO, in the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, and the Maimónides University. Her lines of research are centered in reading comprehension in childhood and adulthood, alterations of verbal communication in patients with right hemisphere lesions, and pragmatic alterations in patients with HIV. She has published numerous papers in national and international journals.

PhD Lucía Ledesma Torres:  She is specialized in clinical neuropsychology, updated in the most recent technologies available for treatment and rehabilitation. Her academic trajectory involves biofeedback, neurofeedback, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Currently, she works at the Centro Médico Nacional ’20 de Noviembre’, México.

PhD Gisli Thorsteinsson: PhD in Education, working on Innovation Education, Iceland University, Iceland. He has an impressive CV related to the development of virtual reality technologies for education. He is an expert in ‘blended learning’, which will be applied in NeuroChubut 2018. Among his papers, ‘Encouraging innovativeness through Computer-Assisted Collaborative Learning’ can be distinguished.

Ms.Ed. Rakel Rut Valdimarsdottir: Ms. in Education, Iceland University, Iceland. She specialized in the development of fine motor skills through textile techniques. She works in Innovation Education. Her doctoral thesis consists in the study of development of the cerebellar peduncles by the practice of a certain type of textile technique: BilumCraft.

PhD Marcin Bukowski: PhD in Psychology, Jagellownian University of Krakow (Krakow, Poland). He is an expert in social cognitive psychology. His work is on the effect of social power in cognition. He has published in Q1 journals, for a distinguished example see  "Selective stereotype activation: The joint impact of interpersonal goals and task context".

PhD Lassi Björnholm: PhD in Psychiatry, University of Oulu, Finland. He recently published "Structural properties of the human corpus callosum: Multimodal assessment and sex differences" in Neuroimage. He is specialized in psyquiatric applications of diffusion-weighted images. He co-directs the PhD of Juan Cruz Arias.

PhD Laura Bringmann: PhD in Psychology, Groeningen University, the Netherlands. She is specialized in time series modelling applied to psychological therapies and emotional regulation. She is an expert in multivariate statistics and nesting schemes in experience sampling methods. Among his numerous papers, "A network approach to psychopathology: new insights into clinical longitudinal data" can be PhD Carolina Pérez Dueñas: Specialist in Behavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychoeducation. Since 2003 she is a member of the ‘Cognitive Neuroscience’ groups of the University of Granada (HUMN-379) and since 2015 she is part of the investigation group ‘Evidence-based psychology. Assessment and design of effective psychological interventions’, from the University of Córdoba (HUM-924). She recently published "Anxiety in common situations of everyday life and depression in women with mastectomies".

Lic. Ana Sustar: Professor in Mathematics, Physics and Cosmography. Bachelor in Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics (FaMAF, for its initials in Spanish). PhD student in Mathematics in FaMAF, as an intern of the Science and Technology Secretary of the National University of Córdoba. Thesis theme: combinatory algebra with applications of Lie theory. She has given training courses in mathematics for primary and secondary level teachers, and has spoken at Meetings of the Argentine Mathematical Union as well as in seminars of the FaMAF. In addition to her vocation for the teaching of mathematics and physics, she is interested in multidisciplinary work and applications of mathematics.

Lic. Juan Pablo Benito: Clinical psychologist. Former Subsecretary of Citizen Participation of Río Negro. He is specialized mainly in the maintenance and development of citizen participation models for young people in vulnerable situations. In addition, he has experience in disability assistance systems.


PhD Marcela Freytes Frey: Director of the Academic Unit of Social and Community Health of the University of Chubut. Former Director of Community Mental Health in the province of Chubut. Ex-director of the Disability area of ​​the province of Chubut.