• Module 1 - Parte A: 07/04/18, PhD Julián Marino, Argentina
  • Module 1 - Parte B: 21/04/18, PhD Julián Marino, Argentina
  • Module 2: 19/05/18, PhD Catherine Lebel, Canada
  • Module 3: 16/06/18, Lic. Araceli Camacho, Spain
  • Module 4: 04/08/18, PhD Alberto Acosta Mesas & PhD. Maricarmen Urbano Alonso, Spain
  • Module 5: 08/09/18, PhD Lassi Björnholm, Finland
  • Module 6: 15/09/18, PhD Christian Beaulieu, Canada
  • Module 7: 13/10/18, PhD Alexander Leemans, the Netherlands
  • Module 8: 10/11/18, PhD Gisli Thorsteinsonn & Ms.Ed. Rakel Valdimarsdottir, Iceland
  • Module 9: 24/11/18, PhD Valeria Abusamra, Argentina

With these modules it is proposed to serve the structure of the debates that mobilize the world of Education and Health in the ‘discussion’ table. The continuous exchange with Scandinavian, Persian, North American, European, African, and Latin American cultures will substantially enrich the proposal. The link between the modules, besides Education and Health, is education in thinking about social actors, promotion of emotional regulation for experiences exchange with a constructive orientation, use of language for cooperation, that will have an impact in the communitarian-collectivist vision of Education and Health.