Who is this course for?

It is designed for teachers and health professionals.

Is is an official, acreditable course? Yes, the tile is emitted by the University of Chubut. It includes all the auspices and official accreditations.

Credit hours

The total annual credit hours will be 150, distributed the following way:

  • lectures: 80 annual hours;
  • online activities in NAPIER (online educational platform): 40 annual hours;
  • practices: 30 annual hours.

Attendance options (all are valid for assistance):

  1. Face-to-face lectures, with explication of concepts and exemplifications. The teachers interact with the students, aided with audiovisual support. They show cases and experiences from the functioning of their institutions. There will be shared reflection spaces, given the diverse origin of institutions from different cultures; it will be the task of the organization to capitalize this part.
  2. It is a strategy of teaching through the NAPIER system. In it there are tools to enhance education, for example, formal notation, contextual slides, conceptual and operational definitions. The lectures are recorded, and the student can rewatch it as many times as it is useful.

How much does it cost?

$ 500 (Argentine pesos) + Registration fee ($ 500). The decision was made because scientific knowledge, of the highest quality, must be available for everyone. It does not help that an elite can afford expensive studies, but that more people can have access. The cost for health professionals and teachers was equaled.

Do I get a discount if I pay for the whole course at once?

Yes, we reward you a free class. That is, in Argentine pesos the full course would be $ 5000, but with the discount it would be $ 4500.

What are the payment options?

It is possible to pay with credit or debit cards, as well as by bank transference. Paying the full course at once gets a discount, as stated above.