Highschool in science

This extension project designed by NeuroChubut, the University of Chubut and CCLINEC looks for engaging seniors from highschool in scientific practices.

In this virtual course, students will learn how a scientist thinks, formulates questions, and solves them with the adequate methodology. There will be videos and scientific publications available on topics of interest for the students (substance abuse, deception, anxiety, depression, etc.).

Moreover, students will be allowed to observe and even participate in some special practical activities in a cognitive neuroscience laboratory.

The course is completely free. To register, please send an email to juancruzarias11@gmail.com, with a copy to julian.marino.davolos@gmail.com, with the subject ‘Alta Secundarios en la Ciencia’. The message must have the following information: full name, DNI, school, interests and motivations.